I was passing the door so just dropped in,
Having nothing my time to engage,
And seeing they were short of someone to sing,
I've made bold to come on the stage;
You can see that there's nothing like pride about me
My clothes didn't cost many mags,
Who I am, what's my name, vell I haven't a card.
So I'll visper, it's Timothy Baggs!

Chorus: Then how do you do, and how do you don't?
Excuse my tatters and rags,
Don't turn your nose up with disdain
At Timothy Vil-li-am Baggs.

The Prince of Wales he heard of me,
He wrote and said, 'Old Pal,
Be sure you come to my house to tea,
And mind you bring the Old Gal!'
I took Mrs Baggs and all the young Baggs,
Like me, they dress vell in rags,
The Prince and Princess was delighted to tea
With mistress and Mister Baggs!


Very soon you'll see the big ships sail,
With thousands of working men,
The Emigration Scheme, my friends,
I'm working it all right for them;
For they called on Lord G__ a few days ago,
He said, "Set London floating with flags,
Here's twelve postage stamps towards the expense
Put the rest to it Timothy Baggs."


The Casual Wards they don't suit me,
To the poor they are awfully severe,
When I pays 'em a visit, I eats and drinks,
And sleeps with the Overseer;
They find me in bacco, they find me in Beer,
And these are their left off rags,
They never looked well on them Guardians,
But they do upon Villiam Baggs!


The ladies, the dears are all fond of Baggs,
And my wife is jealous of me,
If ever I only goes out for a stroll,
My Missus she follows to see;
If I only acknowledge a few in the street,
When I gets home she commences her naggs,
I puts on my hat,and my coat and I says,
'Good evening Sweet Mistress Baggs!'

Written, composed and performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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