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Wait A Minute Tom Woottwell
Wait For The Turn Of The Tide Harry Clifton
Wait Till I'm As Old As Father Billy Williams
Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie Harry Tally
Wait Till The Work Comes Round Gus Elen
Waiting At The Church Vesta Victoria
Waiting For Further Evidence Frank Leo
Waiting For The Robert E. Lee Fanny Brice
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting! Slade Murray
Walker Walked Away George Formby Sr.
Walking Home With Angeline Stanley Kirkby
Walking In The Zoo Alfred Vance
Wallah, Wallah Wallaperoo Sam Mayo
Waltz Me Around Again, Willie Florrie Forde
Wanderer's Return, The Charles Chaplin
Watching The Trains Come In Jack Pleasants
Watching The Trains Go Out Jack Pleasants
Watercress Girl, The Harry Clifton
Waxworks Show, The Albert Chevalier
Way Down Where The Coons Come From Julie Mackey
We All Go The Same Way Home Charles R. Whittle
We All Go To Work But Father J.C. Heffron
We All Jumped Out Of Bed Sam Mayo
We All Of Us Know What That Means Charles Chaplin Sr.
We All Promised To Go Straight Home  
We All Said 'No' Lily Morris
We All Sang 'Too-Ra-Loo-Ral-Addie! Billy Williams
We All Went Home In A Cab George Formby Sr.
We All Went Marching Home Again Mark Sheridan
We All Went To Leicester Square George Formby Sr.
We Are Four Jolly Good Fellows James Fawn
We Are The Sisters Gee-Up Johnnie Danvers
We Are, We Are, We Are Arthur Roberts
We Did 'Ave A Time Albert Chevalier
We Don't Want A Girl Rich & Rich
We Don't Want Another War Sam Mayo
We Don't Want Anymore Daylight Billy Williams
We Don't Want To Fight G.H. McDermott
We Drew His Club Money This Morning Pat Rafferty
We Moved Away From There Tom Clare
We Parted The best Of Friends George Robey
We Saved It For The Lodger Lester Barrett
We Tossed Up Who Should Kill Him Walter Munroe
We'd A Party At Our House Jack Pleasants
Weddin' O' Lauchie M'Graw, The Harry Lauder
Wedding Bells Vesta Victoria
Wedding Day, The Vesta Tilley
Wee Deoch-And-Doris Harry Lauder
Wee Jean McGregor Harry Lauder
Weepin' Willer, The Harry Clifton
We'll All Go Hame The Same Way Harry Lauder
We'll All March To Trafalgar Square Mark Sheridan
We're All Good Pals At Last Florrie Forde
We're Moving James Fawn
We've All Been Having A Go At It Harry Champion
Wha-a-at! Dick Henty
Whacky, Whacky, Whack! Marie Lloyd
What A Fool I Must Have Been To Marry Jane T.W. Barrett
What A Game It Is! Wow! Wow! Mark Sheridan
What A Grand Place London Would Be Mark Sheridan
What A Lovely Lot They Are George Lashwood
What A Mouth Harry Champion
What A Very Great Improvement It Would Be Harry G. Pellissier
What Are You Going To Do About Selina? Lily Morris
What Cheer Ria Bessie Bellwood
What Did Patsy Do? Joe O'Gorman
What Did She Know About Railways? Marie Lloyd
What Did You Do In The War, Daddy Tom Clare
What Do They Care About That James Fawn
What Do You Think Of That? Ernie Mayne
What Does A Sailor Care? Hetty King
What Does He call You Girls Gwen Lewis
What Does It Matter To Me Whit Cunliffe
What Everything's Made Of Arthur Lloyd
What Funny Things You See George Robey
What Happened To The Manx Cat's Tail? Florrie Forde
What Ho! She Bumps! Charles Bignell
What Ho! She Bounces! Marie Kendall
What I Have I'll Hold George Robey
What I Say I Do Do, I Do Do Tom Cosello
What I Want Is A Proper Cup Of Coffee Ernie Mayne
What Is One Among So Many? George Robey
What Is Your Sweetheart's Name? Wilkie Bard
What They Showed Me In Paree Arthur Rigby
What Was There, Was Good George Robey
What Will Become Of England? Charles Lilburn
What Would The Congregation Say? Ernest Shand
What Would The Seaside Be Without The Ladies? Vesta Tilley
What, What Marie Lloyd
What's A Poor Girl To Do? May Yohé
What's That For, Eh? Marie Lloyd
What's To Be Done Lily Morris
What's-A-Name Square Fred Albert
Wheel-Tapper's Song, The  
When Father Laid The Carpet On The Stairs Nelson Jackson
When Father Papered The Parlour Billy Williams
When Father Said He'd Pay The Rent George Formby Snr.
When I Appear In Review  
When I Leave The World Behind Gertie Gitana
When I Prove False To Thee Arthur Lloyd
When I Take My Morning Promenade Marie Lloyd
When I Was Twenty One Harry Lauder
When I Woke Up In The Morning Sam Mayo
When Mamma and Pa Have Gone To Bye-Bye Maud Franklin
When Maud Put Her New Bathing Costume On Harold Montague
When Mother Was Bathing Her Baby Elsa Lanchester
When Poor Old Father Tried To Kill The Cock Billy Williams
When Richard The First Sat On The Throne Nelson Jackson
When The Bugle Calls Wilkie Bard
When The Fields Are White With Daisies Florrie Forde
When The Minister Comes To Tea Leslie Harris
When The Old Dun Cow Caught Fire Harry Champion
When The Summer Comes Again Kate Carney
When The Winkle Man Goes By Charles Bignell
When There Isn't A Girl About Arthur Reece
When They Found I Was A Soldier Fred Earle
When Will It Be?  
When You And I Were Young Maggie Harry MacDonough
When You See Me Dance The Minuet Wilkie Bard
When You Were Sweet Sixteen Bonnie Thornton
Where Are The Girls Of The Old Brigade? Vesta Tilley
Where Are The Lads Of The Village Tonight? George Lashwood
Where Are They? Gwen Farrar
Where Are You? There You Are! Arthur Lloyd
Where Are You Going? (or Take A Tract) Arthur Lloyd
Where Are You Going To, My Pretty Maid? Dan Leno
Where Did You Get That Hat? J.C. Heffron
Where Do Flies Go In The Winter Time? Jack Pleasants
Where Does Daddy Go When He Goes Out? Billy Williams
Where The River Shannon Flows Will Oakland
Where Was Mabel When The Bad Struck Up? Lottie Lennox
Where's My Dolly Gone To? George Leybourne
Where's My Two Bob Gone? A.G. Spry
Where's Rosanna Gone George Leybourne
Where's The Butler? George Robey
Which Of The Three? Lily Morris
While I Was Licking My Stamp Harry Champion
While London's Fast Asleep Marie Tyler
While You Wait Ben Albert
Whilst The Dance Goes On  
Whistling Wife, The Harry Randall
Whit Cunliffe's Book Of Popular Songs Whit Cunliffe
Who Are You Getting At, Eh? Marie Lloyd
Who Killed Bill Bailey? Sandford & Lyons
Who Killed Cock Warren Harry Randall
Who Paid The Rent For Mrs Rip Van Winkle Marie Lloyd
Who Put The Bricks In Brixton? Syd Walker
Who Says London Ain't The Country? Harry Champion
Who Threw The Overalls In Murphy's Chowder? Annie Hart
Who Were You With Last Night? Mark Sheridan
Whoa! Alice, Where Art Thou? Edwin Boyde
Whoa Emma! George Leybourne
Whoa! The Gee Gees Charles Deane
Who'll Buy My Violets?  
Who'll Buy? Albert Chevalier
Who'll Shut The Door Arthur Lloyd
Whoops! Let's Do It Again! Gus Harris
Who's That A-Calling? Arthur Roberts
Who's The Girl You're G0ing To Meet Tonight? Florrie Forde
Why Am I Always The Bridesmaid? Lily Morris
Why Can't We Have The Sea In London? Billy Williams
Why Did I Kiss That Girl? Ella Shields
Why Did I Leave My Little Back Room? Alf Chester
Why Did You Creep Into My Heart? Ella Shields
Why Didn't They Send For Me Pat Rafferty
Why Do The Boys Run After The Girls? Ella Lane
Why Do The Girls Love Charlie? Winifred Hare
Why Do The Men Run After Me? Dan Crawley
Why Do They Call Me Archibald? Jack Pleasants
Why Don't Santa Clause Bring Something To Me? Billy Williams
Wibbley Wobbley Walk, The Mark Sheridan
Widow's Song, The Sam Mayo
Wife, The Lodger And I, The Tom Woottwell
Will A Monkey Climb A Tree Will Riley
Will You Be Mine, Pretty Bird? Charles Godfrey
Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May? Janet Allen
Will You Sing This Glee With Me? Wilkie Bard
William 'Enry Sarnders Marie Lloyd
Wind Blew Hard From The North South West, The Sam Mayo
Wind Blew It Out, The Harry Champion
Wine, Woman and Song Hugh E. Grant
Wink The Other Eye Marie Lloyd
Winkle-On-Sea Will Edwards
Winkle's Wedding, The Harry Francis
Wipe Dat Head Albert Chevalier
Wire In, My Lads George Bastow
Wireless On The Brain Ernie Mayne
Wise Virgin And The Foolish, The Alice Lloyd
With Me Albert Chevalier
With My Little Wigger-Wagger In My Hand Fred Earle
Wives Of Commercial Travellers, The Lily Morris
Wobberly Walk, The Charles Deane
Woman, Lovely Woman James Fawn
Woman's Opinion Of Man, A Marie Lloyd
Won't You Buy My Pretty Flowers? George Clare
Won't You Come, Dear, Into The Park? May Moore Duprez
Won't You Waltz With Me? Archie Naish
Work And Be Contented (Parody) W.P. Dempsey
Work Boys Work Harry Champion
Work Boys Work And Be Contented Harry Clifton
Workhouse Gate, The Herbert Shelley
Workhouse Man, The (Musical Monologue) Albert Chevalier
Working Man's Sunday At Home, The Tom Costello
World's All Right, The Ella Shields
Wot Cher (Knocked 'Em In The Old Kent Road) Albert Chevalier
Wot cher My Old Brown Son Harry Champion
Wot Vor Do 'E Luv Oi? Albert Chevalier
Wot's The Good Of Anyfink? Why... Nuffink! Albert Chevalier
Would You Like To Know The Reason? Sam Mayo
Would You Mind Passing The Salt? George Brooks
Wreck Off London Bridge, The Charles Godfrey
Wrestling Wife, The Hal Forde
Wriggley Band, The Wilkie Bard
Wrong Girl, The Marie Lloyd
Wrong Man, The Marie Lloyd
Wrong Side Of The Rails Ben Albert
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