On a Sunday morn, sat a maid forlorn
With her sweetheart by her side
Thro' the window pain she looked at the rain
'We must stay home, Joe' she cried
There's a picnic too at the old Point View
It's a shame it rained today
Then the boy drew near, kissed away each tear
And she heard him softly say

Chorus: Wait till the sun shines Nellie when the clouds go drifting by
We will be happy Nellie don't you sigh
Down lover's lane we'll wander, sweethearts you and I
Wait till the sun shines, Nellie, bye and bye.

'How I long' she sighed, 'for a trolley ride
Just to show my brand new gown'
Then she gazed on high with a gladsome cry
For the sun came shining down
And she looked so sweet on the big front seat
As the car sped on its way
And she whispered low, 'Say, you're all right Joe,
You just won my heart today'

Written and composed by Andrew B. Sterling & Harry Von Tilzer - 1905
Performed by Emma Carrus (1879-1927)
Performed by Harry Tally (1866-1939)
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