I'm in a nice bit of trouble, I confess
Somebody with me has had a game
I should by now be a proud and happy bride
But I've still got to keep my single name
I was proposed to by Obadiah Binks, in a very gentlemanly way
Lent him all my money so that he could buy a home
And punctually at twelve o'clock today.

Chorus: There was I waiting at the church
Waiting at the church, waiting at the church
When I found he'd left me in the lurch
Lor', how it did upset me
All at once he sent me round a note
Here's the very note, and this is what he wrote
"Can't get away to marry you today,
My wife won't let me".

Lor, what a fuss Obadiah made of me
When he used to take me in the Park
He used to squeeze me till I was black and blue
When he kissed me he used to leave a mark
Each time he met me he treated me to port
Took me now and then to see the play
Understand me rightly, when I say he treated me
It wasn't but me that used to pay.


Just think how disappointed I must feel
I'll be off me crumpet pretty soon
I've lost my husband the one I never had
And I dreamed so about the honeymoon
I'm looking for another Obadiah
I've already bought the wedding ring
There's all my fal-the -riddles packed up in my box
Yes, absolutely two of everything.

PDF Sheet Music
Written by and composed by Fred W. Leigh - Henry E. Pether
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
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