Way down on the levee in old Alabamy
There's daddy and mammy, there's Ephraim and Sammy
On a moonlight night you can find them all
While they are waitin' the banjos are syncopatin'
What's that they're sayin', while they keep playin'
Hummin' and swayin'. It's the good ship Robert E Lee
That's come to carry the cotton away.

Chorus: Watch them shufflin' along
See them shufflin' along
Go take your best gal, real pal
Go down to the levee, I said to the levee
And join that shufflin' throng
Hear that music and song
It's simply great, mate
Waitin' on the levee
Waitin' for the Robert E Lee.

The whistles are blowin', the smoke-stacks are showin'
The ropes they are throwin', excuse me, I'm goin'
To the place where all is harmonious
Even the preacher, he is the dancing teacher
Have you been down there? Were you around there?
You'll always be found there. Why, dog gone, here comes my
Baby on the good old Robert E Lee.

Written and composed by L. Wolfe Gilbert & Lewis F. Muir - 1912
Performed by Fanny Brice (1891-1951)
Performed by Al Jolson (1886-1950)
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