Other fellows may go crazy over Sue or Lou or Daisy
I've got a gal, she is my pal,
She's my pretty little Angeline
Eyes so dreamy and beguiling
Rosebud mouth that's always smiling
Graceful and sweet, she's always so neat
That the folks turn to stare as we pass by.

Chorus: Every evening I am seen
Walking home with Angeline
She's a girl I idolize
And she has such dreamy eyes
So I'm just as happy as can be
When I'm in her company
Troubles fly away and the world seem gay
When I'm walking home with Angeline.

Tuesday evening we got married, at the Parson's then we tarried
Till after nine, then down the line
Proudly with my bride I went a-strolling
King and Queen of some great nation never met with such ovation
I felt so proud before all the crowd
With my pretty little Angeline upon my arm.

Written and composed by G. Totten Smith & John E. Roundbach - 1902
Performed by Stanley Kirkby (1880-1949)
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