Ladies don't be frightened, I'm an Indian
I come from Timbuctoo, three, four, five, six
The day I sailed away was a windy 'un
Be careful, girls, I'm full of Indian tricks
If you're going to India, and you've never been there before
And you don't know the language, well then, all you've got to roar

Chorus: Is Wallah, Wallah, Wallah, Wallah, Wallaperoo
My name out there, it's true, has puzzled one or two
'Dirty' was my father's name, it put me in a fog
'Cos mother's name was 'Doggie, so they called me 'Dirty Dog'.

In India we do a lot of wooing there
The girls out there blush red, white, blue, and black
We're also noted for our fine tattooing there
My wife asked me if I'd tattoo her back
'Tattoo it like the ocean, dear, with ships and waves,'she sighed
So I tattooed it like the sea, then looked at it and cried,

Chorus: Wallah, Wallah, Wallah, Wallah, Wallaperoo
Her back I did tattoo, just like the ocean blue
It looked so like the ocean that some chap, the silly lout
Followed her for twenty miles to see the tide go out.

To India a lady came to do a dance
'Just tell me what you think of it.' said she
Her name it was Louisa and she came from France
Salome was the dance she did for me
A yard of chiffon and some string was all the poor girl wore
She started dancing round the room, then I began to roa

Written and composed by Worton David & Sam Mayo - 1910
Performed by Sam Mayo (1875-1938)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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