When as a lad, long years ago,
I left my native home.
And went to seek my fortune in
A land far o'er the foam.
How oft to see it once again
My lonely heart has yearned,
Ah! well do I remember, on
The day that I returned,

Refrain: The old church bells were ringing
In the belfrey, up above;
I heard the sweet birds singing,
Telling their tales of love.
My heart was filled with gladness,
And, wherever I may roam,
There is no place on Earth, to me
Like, home, sweet home.

Alas! my parents both are dead;
So, filled with sad regret,
'I'll strive' said I, 'in other lands
My sorrows to forget.'
How oft at night have I recalled
Our parting and it's pain,
Until my weary eyes were closed,
And then in dreams again,


Since that sad time I've travelled far,
And sailed the world around;
But in the ever-changing scene
No solace can be found.
Until, a lonely, friendless man,
I stood upon the hill
And saw again the old, old place
While, in my fancy, still,


Written and composed by Norton Atkins
Performed by Charles Chaplin (1864-1901)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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