The wedding day was over, and the party breaking up
All the guests were making for the door
And as they danced along the hall like children on the sands
The bride and bridegroom stood there holding hands
The comp'ny wished the couple health and wealth, too
And were dispersing - in twos and threes
When Johnson through the din and noise
Cried to all the girls and boys,'Come, come get together please.'

Chorus: 'We all go the same way home
All the whole collection in the same direction
All go the same way home so there's no need to part at all
We all go the same way home
Let's be gay and hearty, don't break up the party
We'll cling together like the ivy on the old garden wall.'

A rajah gay was trav'ling back to India once again
With his four-and-twenty little wives
In one compartment of the train with all of them he got
To keep his jealous eye upon the lot
A porter shouted, 'Hi, you're overcrowding
There's room for ten in here, not twenty-four.'
The rajah answered, 'We're all right, though packed in rather tight
Don't you worry any more.'


When Noah looked from the Ark one day and found the rain had stopped
And the streets were beautiful and dry
Said he, 'I haven't had a stroll for forty days or more.'
Then out he went and never shut the door
The animals came tramping down the gang-way, the alligator - the kangaroo
A blue-faced monkey led the throng, screaming as they marched along
'Hi! hi! this way for the Zoo!.'


Just by the House of Commons stood a band of Suffragettes
And the lot were screaming for the 'vote'
When all at once there came a crowd of gentlemen in blue
And very quickly captured all the crew
The prison van was ordered from the station
And soon the ladies were far from gay
The driver crackked his whip and cried, when the lot were packed inside
'Last bus girls to Holloway.'

Written and composed by Harry Castling & C.W. Murphy - 1911
Performed by Charles R. Whittle (1874-1947)
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