I've had such a beano at the house across the way,
My pal gave a party, he was thirty yesterday.
All the latest comic songs we soon commenced to bawl,
But one called 'Too-ral-addie' was the daddy of them all!
I don't know what the verses were about,
But the chorus was a thing you had to shout.

Chorus: We all sang 'Too-ra-loo-ral-addie!'
The song to me was absolutely new.
It started off with 'Too-ra-loo-ral-addie!'
And finished up with 'Too-ra-loo-ra-loo!'

Thomkins meant to do his best to please the merry throng,
So he called a lady fair to sing a little song.
'Make way for the lady!' all the boys began to roar,
But when she started singing we were making for the door
The song she warbled nearly made us weep,
But as soon as she got out 'Sing Me To Sleep!'


After we persuaded this fair damsel to sit down,
Someone shouted, 'Why not have a stroll around the town?'
Off we toddled arm-in-arm, a very merry crew,
But soon we were accosted by a gentleman in blue.
He said, 'You seem a jolly lot of boys,
And I'll let you go if you won't make a noise!


When we murmered, 'Blow the slop!' a whistle blew instead,
Several more arrived and to the station we were led.
There was all the lot of us, so very mild and meek,
All standing in a row before a hasty tempered beak.
He looked at us in quite a savage way,
And when he exclaimed, 'What have you got to say?'

Written and composed by Will Letters - 1910
Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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