With some pals I went the other night,
Started on a ramble, just a city scramble.
Each one gay and everything's alright,
Suddenly, it started off to rain.
Joe said, 'I'll go back to get my gamp.
Shan't be long, I live just near a lamp.'
Someone cried, 'To separate won't do!
We all came out together and we're going back with you.'

Chorus: We all went marching home again.
Home again! Home again!
We all went marching home again,
Like the boys of the old Brigade
We all went marching home again,
Down the lane, in the rain
Shouting out upon the way,
'Tiddy fa lot fa lol fal lay!'
We all went marching home again!

One night we all went to see a play
Called the Great Invasion, not the Great Evasion.
When the first act finished, by the way
I bought a programme and began to read
There I saw it stated for a fact,
Ten years pass before the second act.
Up we jumped and in a frantic state
We grabbed our hats and pickled eggs, said,
'We haven't time to wait!!'

Performed by Mark Sheridan (1864-1918)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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