I sez to a party wot lives up our street,
As 'e was a moppin' 'isself wi' the 'eat,
A day in the fresh air 'ud do me a treat,
An' wouldn't do you no 'arm.
My missus she comes from the country, yer know,
She ain't seen 'er friends for a twelvemonth or so,
We'll make up a party to-morrer and go
Right down to 'er uncle's farm!

Chorus: You should 'ave seen us start away,
Plenty to eat an' drink an' say,
Bill on 'is banjo played a toon,
'Arriet give us 'The "Whistlin' Coon.'
I sang; 'The Rowdy Dowdy Boys,'
Upset the moke, 'oo 'ates a noise,
Talk of a time! We 'ad a time!
We did 'ave a roarin' time!

We did 'em a turn at the 'Magpie an' Stump,'
We carried our liquor, an' borrered the pump,
The landlord declared as it give 'im the 'ump,
When 'e found 'e could charge for 'nix.'
A fair old shermozzle we 'ad on the way,
The moke 'e did nuffink but pull up an' bray,
'E'd never seen more than a bushel of 'ay,
An' wanted ter nibble the ricks,


We got ter the farm at a quarter ter five,
Bill would 'ave some 'oney from out of a 'ive,
An' though 'e come back much more dead than alive,
'E said as the sport was prime!
Then 'Arriet calls out ter Billy, 'D'ye 'ear?
I should like ter take 'ome some musherooms, dear,
Yer might fill this basket.' sez Billy,'No fear,
Yer don't kid me on ter climb!"

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & Charles Ingle - 1896
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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