Smith, Jones, Robinson and Brown,
Sat in the Rose and Crown just drinking.
They argued about war
Which they'd fought in before,
Then Brown jumped up and said, 'I've just been thinking.'
Bang'd his fist upon the table, drank his glass of beer
And said, 'There's trouble brewing in the world
But listen here.

Chorus: We don't want another war,
Anymore, anymore, anymore.
Don't want cheers,
Don't want tears,
Or 'Madamoiselle From Armentiers'
If they fire those Tom-tiddley-om-toms,
Or drop those Bom-tiddley-om-boms,
At your front street door,
Keep your beef and rum,
Your apple and your plum,
We don't want another war.

Smith, Jones, Robinson and Brown,
Sat in the Rose and Crown next night there.
Brown's eyes were blue and black
Said, 'From home I've got the sack,
With my wife I've had an awful fight there.'
Robinson then said, 'What happened,
When the fight was o'er?' Brown replied,
'I shouted through the keyhole in the door,


Written and composed by Sam Mayo - 1935
Performed by Sam Mayo (1875-1938)
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