Lately there has been a deal of fuss about the famous Daylight Bill
Which takes two hours from the dark, dark night
And gives two hours that are clear and bright
No folks would consider that a boon, but old Bill Sykes turned red
As he picked up his 'jemmy' in a loving way and caressingly he said
'Old China,

Chorus: We don't want more daylight, daylight, daylight
We don't want more daylight, no, absolutely no!
We don't want more daylight when darkness should fall
What we do want is a Bill, Bill, Bill, to give us no light at all.

Bertie of the broken down brigade, had got to stay in bed all day
He eyed his pants with look of pain and said,
'Those moths have been here again.'
Great holes in his 'Raglan' could be seen, in both his boots as well
As he saw his reflection in his overcoat to himself he said, 'Old swell
By jingo,


Parker was a p'liceman who had been upon a daylight beat for years
Said he, 'This job isn't all sublime - I don't get much chance of overtime.'
Once on a night duty he had to go, and when back home he sped
As he showed her of watches quite a helmet full to his better half he said
'Oh Sarah,


Jack Jones hadn't got a quarter's rent and so at twelve o'clock one night
His wife crept out from their four-roomed flat
With two cracked cups and the front door mat
Young John placed the sofa on his back, a chair on Liza's head
As old Jones staggered 'neath a chest of drawers, to his family he said
'My children,

Written and composed by C.W. Murphy & Dan Lipton - 1908
Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
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