Married ladies pity me, in this world of ours
You get all the sweets of life, I get all the sours
Loved by husbands, loved by friends, I hardly think it right
My only friend's a tabby cat, and he stays out all night.

Chorus: Wedding bells, wedding bells, How I love your melody
You ring your bells for other gals, but never ring for me
On the shelf, by myself, I've been lying all my life
I wonder if I ever shall be, somebody's darling wife.

Often I stand near the church when the bell it rings
Watch them throw the boots and shoes, rice, and other things
Squeezing through a crowd today to gaze upon the bride
A policeman threw a boot at me with his big foot still inside.


O'other evening, in the park, what do you suppose
Some man came up from behind, kissed me on the nose
Then he dragged me near a lamp, it nearly turned my blood
He said he'd made a big mistake - then shoved me in the mud.


I was pretty as a child, that's what I have heard
How we alter as we grow, moult just like a bird
I was nearly married once - his face I can't forget
He lodged with mother twenty years - the left us all in debt

Written and composed by Murray & Leigh - 1903
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874 - 1951)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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