In the summer twilight, by a woman's side,
Knelt a dainty maiden, flushed with joy and pride.
Whisp'ring of the loved one who had claimed her hand,
'Aunty, I'm so happy!' 'Dear, I understand!
May your wedding be, though, brighter than my own.
And dear that's a secret you have never known.
Yes, I once was married, nay, don't turn away;
For my heart was broken on my wedding day!

Refrain: After the wedding and a new life begun;
When the words are spoken binding two hearts in one;
While the bells are ringing and the flowers in your pathway lay,
Hearts may be breaking, on the wedding day!

How it all comes back, dear, though so long ago,
Side by side we wandered, in the sunshine glow;
He with ways so gentle, words so fond and true;
I so proud and happy, just the same as you,
On my finger gleamed a bright betrothal ring.
Of my heart and hopes dear, he was lord and king
Golden visions filled me, soon to fade away,
Lost in gloom and sadness on my wedding day!


Bright with golden sunshine and the breath of flowers,
Dawned my wedding morning, with it's golden hours,
By the altar kneeling, soon our vows were sealed;
And the joyous music from the organ pealed;
But, as from the church, dear, side by side we came.
A woman staggered forward, sobbing out his name,
He was the husband who'd left her far away,
And I was no wife, tho' 'twas my wedding day!


Written and composed by C. Wilmot & John S. Baker -1895
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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