I'm a little schoolgirl and I love to play,
With the boys at marbles, I could play all day;
I've got a little brother, we all call him Jack,
And if late to school we get Whacky, whacky, whack!

Chorus: Tooral, looral, lido! tooral, looral, lay!
They whack you half a minute, you feel it half a day,
I hate the horrid board school, so does brother Jack,
I tell you straight we get too much, Whacky, whacky, whack!

Little brother Jack, truant played one day,
And his kind school-master to him thus did say;
You must have a whacking on your little back,
Little Jackey got it, Whacky, whacky, whack!


And the schoolboard gove'ness, she can use a cane,
She won't take the trouble to save any pain;
First the cane she'll flourish, then she has a knack,
To select a nice place on your back.


And my little sister, she's as good as gold,
Gets her whacky, whacky, though but ten years old;
Vulgar and not funny to select your back,
The nasty way she does it, Whacky, whacky, whack!


Written and composed by George Ware - 1892
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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