Charlie Binks never kissed a girl before,
Threw some winks to the one that lived next door,
Off they went one evening, and they found out too,
A cosy rendezvous, where they could have a little bill and coo.
Charlie Binks said, "Oh this is simply grand, with a nice girl by your side,
When his pal said, "Charlie, what do you think of making love?" mister Binks replied

Chorus: What a game it is! Wow! wow!
What a game it is! Wow! wow!
Find a girl and then a cosy corner,
Play at Puss in Boots or Little Jack Horner
What a game it is Wow! wow!
You squeeze the girl and breathe a gentle vow,
Look into big blue eyes, telling each other lies,
What a game it is! Wow! wow!

Charlie went to the same spot every night,
And he spent, oh, such moments of delight,
He was quite as happy as a boy could be
Beneath the old oak tree,
There in his little girl's society.
Charlie Binks kissed her 'good-night' at the door,
Charlie loved her without a doubt,
When he went to bed at night he would murmur to himself,
As he blew the candle out


Very soon Charlie claimed her for his bride,
A honey-moon, and they did the Wedding Glide,
Found a cosy "first." upon the railway train,
His pals could, not refrain from shouting, "Charlie, here we are again!
Suddenly all the porters gathered round,
For a nice tip, they meant to try,
Charlie threw them all a nice little bit of wedding cake,
And then they heard him cry.


Written and Composed by Fred Godfrey and Harry Gifford - 1913
Performed by Mark Sheridan (1864-1918)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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