As you this world go through, people you meet with who
Say they do lots of things they never do
If I'm unable to do what I ought to do
It is my practice to endevour to
Let me at once admit I drink, well, just a bit
I've got a thirst as good as any ones
If I was rich, methinks, I'd have expensive drinks
But I get on all right with my penny ones.

Chorus: What I say I do do, I do do, I do
I wouldn't tell you what isn't true
I don't know what you do, but I always do do
What I say I do do, I do. I do!

Some chaps you'll alway find, unkind to womankind
Say their opinion's very small of 'em
But when I think of girls' bright eyes and saucy curls
Love 'em! lor ' love 'em, I love all of 'em
P'r'aps you may call it rot, I know a tidy lot
I could be more than any brother to
You may not credit this, often my wife I kiss
Sometimes I even kiss her mother, too.


Racing's a noble sport, that's what I've always thought
Look at the money some men pay for it
Sometimes I have my fling, never put anything
Less than a shilling on the favourite
Shooting I think sublime, and as a shootist I'm
Hot stuff, in fact, there's no disputing it
Some men go shooting game, that game's a trifle tame
My game's the moon - I'm always shooting it!

Performed by Tom Costello (1863-1943)
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