Nowadays on the stage when reviews are the rage
You've got to be most versatile
And that's where I shine thumbs up eve'ry time
You'll find me 'the goods' all the while
With my talent and grace and my figure and face
There isn't a thing I can't do
And my young man, Frank, says, 'Now Lizzie, no hank
Straight, you ought to be in a review.'

Chorus: Oh! when I appear in review
I'll show them what's what and who's who
Some of the stars'll be cutting up rough
For my imitations are very hot stuff
My Sarah Bernhardt in a tragedy part
Beats anything Sarah can do
And my Marie Loyd - she won't half be annoyed
When she sees me as her in review.

When they hear me as Melba, or say Clara Butt
They'll rave about me the next day
You can tell that my voice is uncommomly choice
I ought to meet Patti they say
When I come on the scene it'll make Evie Green
And make Ellen Terribly blue
While my Vesta Tilly whacks Vesta's fair silly
She'll find me her match in review.

Chorus: Oh! when I appear in review
I'll show them what's what and who's who
The newspaper chaps'll be nosing around
Enquiring if I'm the girl George Edward's found
My dance as Pavlova is quite a chefdover
As the French say when they parley voo
While my Maud Allen skit - the take off will be it
My - word it will be a review.

Now they talk a good deal about Gabby Deslys
And speak of her wonderful glide
Some say its 'what what' but that's tommy rot
Just wait and see my 'Lizzie slide'
Compared with me, Gabby is mild as a baby
And if there's a hullabulloo
I'll say that it's part of my beautiful art
The advertisement part, twiggy vous?

Chorus: Oh! when I appear in review
There will be a how-d'-you-do
You take it from me there won't half be a fuss
My word, how those funny old bishops'll cuss
As I bound here and there with my legs in the air
In my new dance 'The Hop Kangaroo'
All the nuts in the rows will be shouting 'What hoes'
When I appear in review.
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