Since Mother Eve in the garden long ago
Started the fashion; fashion's been the fashion
She wore a strip that has mystified the priests
Still every season brought a change of green
She'd stare if she came to Town
What would Mother Eve think of my new Parisian gown?

Chorus: As I take my morning promenade
Quite a fashion card, on the promenade
Now I don't mind nice boys staring hard
If it satisfies their desire
Do you think that my dress is a little bit
Just a little bit - not too much of it?
If it shows my shape just a little bit
That's the little bit the boys admire.

Fancy the girls in the prehistoric days
Had to wear a bearskin to cover up their fair skin
Lately Salome has danced to be sure
Wearing just a row of beads and not much more
Fancy me dressing like that too
I'm sure the “Daily Mirror” man would want an interview.


I've heard that grandmothers wore a crinoline
Then came the bustle - Oh wasn't that a tussle
Women were tied up and loaded with dress
But fashion now decrees that she must wear much less
Each year her costume gets more brief
I wonder when we'll be back to the good old-fashioned leaf.

Written and composed by A. J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1910
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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