What's this about England going down
I fail to see how that can be
I've heard George Leyton, Arthur Reece and the Polanskis
And I know Brittania's fitness on the sea
We've got the money and we've got the men as well
So we're told and come the war
And don't forget m'lads
We've got a lot of ships we have
And when we've built them all we'll have some more.

Chorus: When the bugle calls we shall march away
As we did in days gone by
We shall march, march, march
Yes, we'll march, march, march
April, May, June, and July
When the bugle calls we shall march to war
And there's not a man who'll fear it
I don't care how soon the bugle calls
So long as I don't hear it.
Written, composed and performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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