Fred Earle

I was walking down the street the other day,
So gay! I say!
When a soldier said to me,
'Would you like to join us? Come along!' said he.
I went and took the bob without delay.
Hoo-Ray! poor jay!
But when I went to say good-bye to all our family,

Chorus: When they found I was a soldier
Sister Mary went right off her head;
Father, he got drunk, mother did a bunk
And the tom-cat fell down dead oh, Glory!
Down came the lodgers with a rush,
But they didn't stop there long;
When they saw my sword, they exclaimed, 'Oh, lor!
There's another good man gone wrong'

Well, I felt just like a man who'd lost a quid,
'No kid', I did,
There was my girl on the stairs,
Every time she saw me she would say her prayers;
The baby had a fit upon the floor,
'Oh, lor!' I swore,
Then in come all the neighbours and they fainted on the stairs,


When I went to say good-bye to brother Will,
Poor Bill stood still.
He was eating bread and jam,
Looked at me as if he didn't care a damn;
I went out into the yard to see the chicks,
Killed six with bricks,
For I felt like a warrior bold, and don't you think I am?


Written and composed by Harry Wincott & Joseph Tabrar
Performed by Fred Earle (1877-1915)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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