In the modern school of dancing there is too much vulgar prancing
It's so different from the style of long ago
All the dancing of the present is ungraceful and unpleasant
As you grab the girl and jig her too and fro
But in the days of crinolines, the good old days of yore
Then dancing was a dream of pure delight
You've only got to see me dance the minuet, I'm sure
The you'll agree with me that I am right.

Chorus: Oh when you see me dance the minuet
My graceful style you must adore
You'll say that I'm the greatest dancer yet
And cry, 'Encore, let's have some more.'
Yes, when you see me dance the minuet
My dainty steps you'll not forget
So if you'll wait there half a minuet
You'll see me dance the minuet.

I have seen all kinds of dancers do the Polka and the Lancers
And the one step, and the two step and the three
I have seen them dance in Spanish, I have seen them dance in Danish
But It's far too much like working to suit me
I've seen them dance the staircase dance, also the Masquerade
I've seen the Russian dancers shake the dome
And when they've given me too much soda with my lemonade
I've seen the bedstead dance when I've got home.


Once a lady tried to show me how to do the dance Salome
But I never did like dancing with my hands
And those dancers who's description is Parisian Egyptian
Look like jelly-fish performing on the sands
To dance the dainty minuet a dress you have to wear
That just escapes the floor an inch or two
How different the Salome dress, when you the two compare
If that escapes the p'lice court it'll do.

Performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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