There have been so many changes here and there
You don't know where you are, don't know where you are
If from old surroundings you were travelling anywhere
As soon as you return again you got a kind if scare
Now I've been away for a year or two
And a starting situation I can see
There were girls I used to know a year or two ago
And the question and the answer seems to be.

Chorus: Where are the girls of the old brigade?
The girls of the once upon a time
I've been looking around
And there's only one consolation to be found
The old girl's still there, old girl new style
And whether it's the old girl or whether it's the new
It's the same piece of petticoat all the while.

Have you noticed what the girls are doing now
It's simply wonderful, simply wonderful
One will drive a motor, while another drives a plough
And one will chase a bullock
When she's told to milk a cow
The barmaid I used to flirt and frivol with
She's an ammunitions maker I hear
Quite a lady since the war for the wages she can draw
Must be more than she can draw for drawing beer.


This is going to be a different kind of verse
Please be serious, pray be serious
Lots of girls have done the trick, for better or for worse
Confetti and a husband and something small to nurse
You've known some who used to do the flapper act
But no more you see the twinkle in the eye
And you stare at them bewitched
With a toddler newly breached
Tommy Atkins of the days of bye and bye.

Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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