Now how I came to get this hat is very strange and funny
Grandfather died and left to me his property and money
And when the Will it was read out they told me straight and flat
If I would have his money I must always wear his hat.

Chorus: 'Where did you get that hat? Where did you get that tile?
Isn't it a nobby one and just the proper style.
I should like to have one just the same as that.'
Wherever I go they shout 'Hello, where did you get that hat?'

If I go to the Opera house in the opera season
There's someone sure to shout at me without the slightest reason
If I go to a Concert Hall to have a jolly spree
There's someone in the party who is sure to shout at me.


At twenty-one I thought I would to my sweetheart get married
The people in the neighbourhood had said too long we'd tarried
So off to church we went right quick determined to get wed
I had not long been in there when the parson to me said,


I once tried hard to be MP but failed to get elected
Upon a tub I stood round which a thousand folks collected
And I had dodged the eggs and bricks (which was no easy task)
When one man cried, 'A question I the candidate would ask'

SPOKEN: I told him I was ready to reply to any question that could be put to me. The man said, 'Thousands of British working people are anxiously awaiting enlightenment on the subject on which I am about to address you. It is a question of national importance, in fact, THE great problem of the day, and that is, sir...


When Colonel South, the millionaire, gave his last garden party
I was amongst the guests who had a welcome true and hearty
The Prince of Wales was also there and my heart jumped with glee
When I was told the Prince of Wales would like a word with me.

Words and music by James Rolmaz - 1888
Performed by J.C. Heffron (1857-1934)
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