(The Kiss Behind The Door)
Oh, once I was as gay, as a jolly, young cock-sparrow,
Who's perch'e upon an apple tree or down amongst the corn.
But now, clean thro' my heart, you could drive a huge wheelbarrow,
For my love has left a hole in it, oh, where's Rosanna gone?

Chorus: I shall never kiss my love again, behind the kitchen door,
I shall never squeedge my darling's little finger any more.
And she'll ne'er pinch my funny-bone until it's rather sore,
Oh! where's Rosanna?

I'm sure no other maid could equal my Rosanna,
Without my love this manly form will soon become a wreck;
Of her dad I was afraid, he's a disagreeable tanner,
And he's often promised faithfully, he'd dislocate my neck,


Of an evening after tea, while her daddy blew his 'bacca,
I'd seek my love, Rosanna, and ask her to share my lot;
But when he found it out, Oh my! how he would whack her,
While I'd jump over the garden wall as tho' I'd just been shot,


I'd jump'd over the wall one night, in search of sweet Rosanna,
And tho' I gently whistled, my love did not appear;
But my hair stood upright, For out came her dad, the tanner,
Oh, my teeth they rattled like dominoes and my legs doubled up with fear.

Spoken - At the end of our interview I felt convinced that he understood what tanning was and so did I. I also concluded...

Written and composed by G.W. Hunt
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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