Now suppose that you should ever have, a little poodle dog
And take him for a breath of air into a West-End fog.
He goes inside a butchers shop to try and get a snack,
You're waiting and you're whistling for your Fido to come back.

Chorus: And while you wait... while you wait,
A butcher's boy, your dog has seen
And passed him through a large machine.
As sausages, he's served up on a plate
They're sellin' 'im off at a tanner a pound,
While you wait.

You're sitting in a parlour at a party, don't y'know
When all at once the gas begins to go down, dreadful low.
You're all amongst the pretty girls and it's a trifle hot,
The father goes down stairs to put a penny in the slot.

Chorus: And while you wait... while you wait.
You sit amongst the girls, you do,
They're all squeezing tight to you.
While it's dark, you mustn't 'esitate,
That's the time to enjoy yourself,
While you wait.

Now Johnson and 'is missus, they live by the deep, blue sea.
They've been wed just on twenty years but had no family.
One day they came to London town and in a shop they spied
A card stuck in a window that said, 'Families Supplied'.

Chorus: While you wait... while you wait.
Said Johnson to his wife, 'Oh Lor,
Why, this is the shop we're lookin' for.
Go inside and tell the lady straight
That we could do with a girl and a boy,
While you wait.'

Performed by Ben Albert (1876-1925)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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