To toddle to the country you must be a silly clown
When It's just as countrified in good old London Town
There's Moorfields in the city, and the Poultry's very near
And with water from the Camberwell we make the London beer
Shepherds in the country are a lot of silly Sams
The shepherds up the Shepherds Bush look after all the lambs
As for lamb and mint sauce simply do a sprint
Up and down the Tower Hill , there you've got the Mint

Chorus: So who says London ain't the country,
With the green grass growing all around, my boys
Corn exchange, windmill Street
Where they're grinding up the corn on the policeman's feet
You can get a lot of chaff in the Haymarket
It's a fact, may I be blowed
All the cows out of Cow Cross Street
Are grazing in the Gray's Inn Road

People think for nut and may the country is the best
Maud and May can tell you there's some nuts up in the West
People seem to think the country's cocks and hens are great
But there's always hens in Hendon and the 'Cock' at Kilburn Gate
Farmers hoe the meadows, here the tally-men are owed
And there's lots of jolly ploughboys at the 'Plough' down Harrow Road
Hops are in the country growing up the sticks
We can get our hops boys, down at 'Dirty Dicks'


As down the lane on Sundays roam the simple minded 'yids'
There's London taters growing in the stockings of the kids
You lose your way in country woods, but to my mind it brings
St John's Wood is a wood where you can lose a lot of things
Country fruit is lovely, but we've some as nice as theirs
On the benches in the park you see a lot of pairs
Talk of dairy farming, we're the ones to bilk
When we're down at Chalk Farm chalking all the milk.

Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
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