Now, you're on a racecourse
And the Gee Gees all come out,
It's quite a jubilation when,
You see them hop about;
For, when they're just about to start,
All standing in a line,
You feel you'd like to eat 'em,
'Pon my word, they look so fine;
You have your 'bit of stuff' on and
If he should win, what ho!
You tell your pals there never was
A horse like him to go;
But if he makes a bloomer, why
Tou treat him very hard,
And say, 'If he was mine,
I'd have him down the knacker's yard!

Chorus: Whoa! the Gee gees,
Whoa! the Gee Gees;
Don't they have a time of it!
When they're in the prime of it.
But, Oh! when they're over at the knees,
It ain't all honey for the poor Gee Gees.

At Hampstead, on a holiday,
You'll see the lively moke;
The kids delight in giving each
'Jerusalem' a poke;
They make his life a misery,
For, all the time he's there,
He's dodging all the boys, just like
A mad dog at the fair.
But when a stout old lady
Pays her penny for a ride,
Then Neddy gets his own back
When the poor old girl's astride,
For suddenly, up go his legs,
And off she has to go,
And everybody gathers round
To see the beauty show.


When you're in the cab-yard, you
Can spot some lovely lots,
You'll see some with no 'rudders' on,
Their legs all tied in knots.
They're all puffed out with shavings, which
Are brought there for 'Their Nibs'
And you could can the weekly washing
Out upon their ribs.
And if they turn their noses up
At such a luxuree,
They get short oats for supper and
Some long oats for their tea.
And when they 'kick the bucket', why
It brings them no relief,
For upon your breakfast table
They're disguised as 'Potted Beef'.


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Harry Castling - 1898
Performed by Charles Deane (1866-1910)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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