I've 'ad a go at borrowin', and done a bit of givin'
I've tried my 'and at lots of things to earn an honest livin'
One day I'm sellin' fish, the next it's taters I'm a-bawlin'
I get that mixed as often I don't know what I'm callin'.

Chorus: Any ornaments for your fire-stoves, fine shrimps or watercress?
Periwinkles, whelks or radishes, 'taters, all 'ot
Fine large 'addick, 'are-skin, strawberry, pickled fruit this mornin'
All a-blowin' and a-growing. Earthstone! Fourpence a pot!

I'm slowly goin' off my nut, I'm growin' grey wiv sorrer
I never gets a wink of sleep, a-thinkin' of tomorrer
And there, well, if it's sumfink new I'm goin' to start a-sellin'
I wakes the neighbours up at night a-bawlin' and a-yellin'.

Chorus: Any watercress for yer firestoves! who'll buy my sparrergrass?
'Ere's fly-paper for the mackerel, fresh bear in mind
'Are skin, strawberry, or rabbit-skin, gathered this morning
All a-blowin' and a-growin'! Who'll buy? Any kippers to grind.

To jog along in peace' as been my very 'umble motter
But I shall 'ave to turn it up if things gits any 'otter
Sich insults from my customers I daily 'as to swaller
I trembles like a leaf when I commences for to 'oller.

Chorus: Any fire-cress for your water-stoves, fine shrimps in lavender
Almond whelks to keep the moths away! alive oh! shalot
Fresh boot-laces for the mackerel! Earthstone yer strawberries
All a-blowin' and a-growin'! Trotters! Fourpence a trot.

There ain't a bloomin' walk in life I 'aven't 'ad a shy at
Yet blowed if I can think of one as I'm pertickler fly at
I've trotted round wiv parcels from a fashionable drapers
But wust of all I come to grief a-sellin' daily papers.

Chorus: Any ornament for the mackerel, Standard or Telegraph
Evenin' kippers! Second strawberry, fourpence a pot
'Orrid scandal in a firestove! Whelks versus radishes
All a-blowin' and a-growin'! Special! Divorce cases all 'ot.
Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & John Crook - 1893
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
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