Young Bessie McCall went one night to a ball
Smartly dressed, in her best,
The waltz was so good it got into her blood
As she tore, round the floor,
She'd danced with Andy till he got quite bandy
His legs must have bent with the strain
She started to 'holler, hung on to his collar
And shouted again and again.

Chorus: 'When the music begins to play
Whoops! Lets do it again
I don't care what the neighbours say
Whoops! lets do it again
Hold me closer and hug me tight
Swing me round till I scream with fright
I don't care what I do tonight
So Whoops! lets do it again.

Poor Andy for help started to yelp,
Like a dog, in a fog,
He shouted, 'Let go' but sweet Bessie cried, 'No'
Come along, while you're strong,
Her eyes started rolling with spoony cajoling
She sighed with her head on his vest
The band commenced rasping
And though she was gasping
She cried as she hung on his chest


The band played the tune till they fell in a swoon
At her feet, tired and beat,
The guests had all gone, but she kept waltzing on
Round and round, strong and sound,
The M.C. young Percy knelt down and cried, 'Mercy
The floor's not as strong as they claim'
The boards started creaking
The gas began leaking
But still she cried out just the same.

Performed by Gus Harris
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