When Summer comes you feel you want to see the beautiful sea
Because the seaside makes you happy and gay and free
Upon the sands you're holding hands and fancy you're in heaven
But it's just because you see, you can see the sea
You pack your boxes pay your fares and off in a train you go
You think of the sea you are going to see, but what I want to know is,

Chorus: Why can't we have the sea in London?
Why can't we have the seaside there?
If the pier was in the Strand you could go and hear the band
And bathe with the girls in Leicester Square
Seaweed you could see in Piccadilly
Of sand in Regent Street we'd have our share
In the beautiful Summer time, London would be fine
If we only had the seaside there.

The girls would all have bathing costumes on instead of a dress
Along the Strand or Bond Street wouldn't they look a treat?
In pink and blue and every hue when girls came out of the tide
The boys would all be waiting to look at their feet
When the ladies all were bathing on the Piccadilly shore
You'd see more hose and fancy clothes
Than you'd see in a drapery store.


When Farmer Brown came up to town to see the wonderful sights
He wouldn't go to see the ballets in Leicester Square
Some shapely kind of girls he'dfind there bathing in Regent Street
In Maudie Allen's custume having a good time there
The parks would all be empty, and you'd see the pretty dears
All playing at 'hide and seek' and things there underneath the piers.


Written and composed by Fred Godfrey & Billy Williams - 1911
Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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