Charlie with the girls is quite a favourite
Charlie captures every girlish heart
Doesn't have to get out of his way for it
Seems to win their favour from the start
Maidens who're inclined to be stand-offish as a rule
Positively beam when Charlie's near
And when Charlie's gone away, you will hear those Maidens say
In adoring tones, 'Oh, isn't he a dear.'

Chorus: Why do the girls love Charlie?
Why do they admire him so?
Why do they make a fuss of Charlie?
And other fellows get no show?
Sweetly they smile on Charlie
Others get the cold hard stare
Ladies, you understand the reason, don't you
Charlie's got curly hair.

Life must be a dream without an end to him
Smooth and easy-going all the while
Waitresses are eager to attend to him
Always take his orders with a smile
Two young things I chanced to hear dicussing him one day
Murmured one, 'His curls are just divine.'
Said her friend, 'It isn't fair he should have such curly hair
When I have to use the curling tongs for mine.'


Lots of people envy him, no doubt of it
Charlie's made so much of by the girls
All the other boys are fairly out of it
Charlie wins the ladies with his curls
Later on the chances are he'll want to settle down
My advice to Charlie is , Beware
Or some trouble there may be, For I've heard of thirty-three
Diff'rent girls who've got a lock of Charlie's hair.

Performed by Winifred Hare (b. 1875)
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