Now, have you every heard about the Wibbley,Wobbley Walk?
Well, just in case you've not, I'll tell you on the spot!
The Wibbley, Wobbley Walk is just another kind of way
Of saying that the b'hoys are out upon their holiday.
And note that half a dozen fellas out upon the spree
In half a dozen minutes, they're full of jollity.

Chorus: So they all walk the Wibbley Wobbley Walk
And they all talk the Wibbley Wobbley talk
And they all wear Wibbley Wobbley ties
And Wink at all the pretty girls with wibbley wobbley eyes!
They all smile the Wibbley Wobbley Smile
When the day is dawning
The all through the Wibbley Wobbley Walk
They get a wibbley wobbley feeling in the morning.

At the seaside health resort you see some gay old boys
Who once were fond of sport and knew the taste of port
You'll see their feet in bundles-then you'll know without a doubt
That Virtue's been rewarded with a bad attack of gout
The band is playing on the pier but they don't care a jot
They know it's quite impossible to do the Turkey Trot!


Written and composed by Paul Pelham and J.P.Long
Performed by Mark Sheridan (1864-1918)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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