I'd been engaged to my bloke Bill a fortnight or three weeks
For days I'd acted cool to 'im, at last I ups and speaks
I asked him straight to go and buy a gold engagement ring
'E'd made 'is blessed mind up, though, that 'e'd do no sich thing
'No, no my girl, I can't' and then 'e kind of shook 'is 'ead
I coloured like a beetroot, and in tones of scorn I said

Chorus: 'William 'Enry Sarnders, see this 'and of mine
Don't you thinka ring upon that finger would look fine?
You're too mean to buy one, I can tell that by your look
Well then, - William 'Enry Sarnders,
You can take your bloomin' hook.

Next morning dad met him and said, 'Hallo, there, Bill, wot cheer?
Wot's up with you and Polly? Have you clipt her round the ear?
Now wot's the good of rowing, Bill, you take a tip from me
Don't be a mug! come round on Sunday afternoon to tea.'
Bill came! I said, 'Good evening' with a cold look in my eye
And when he did get tender like, I made this here reply,


We wound up that there evening with fierce anger in our 'earts
'E swore 'e'd sell 'is business and go off to foreign parts
Then I broke down and started 'blubbing' like a silly sop
And Bill says, 'Poll, don't cry! I'll buy a bloomin' jewellers shop'
Then he put his arm around me, and I murmured with a sob
'You'd better buy the wedding ring now, while you're on the job, cos

Written and composed by Albert Perry -1901
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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