You might think I'm a funny looking feller
Well, you ought to see my old wife, Isabella
She's got a face just like a bushel basket
And walks like a prize pig up in a market
Took her out with the kids one day
Told her to make up smart
She went and got her mother's crinoline
And at first did please my heart
For I felt proud of my 'Old Dutch Clock'
Till out in the street we got
And she couldn't walk in the funny crinoline
So right in the roadway shot.

Chorus: When the wind blew it out, blew it out, blew it out
There came a puff of wind and blew it out
I think ev'ryone in London should have heard her
Shouting, 'Fireworks' and 'Blue Murder'
We had a struggle to hold her down
And 'twas hard work there's no doubt
She fell with such a bump and it fairly broke her heart
When there came a puff of wind and blew it out.
Written and performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
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