Flora was flighty, a false little flirt
She bewitched all the boys, she was quite an expert
Mary her sister was rather a prude
Tomasculine males she would never allude
Flora when gowned looked a dream from the skies
As she doted on pleasure, folks said she was wise
Mary for dresses never longed, as a rule
And her people would say, 'Isn't Mary a fool.'

Refrain: The world said Flora was wise
With her dresses, her diamonds and dances
And the world said Mary was foolish
For she cared not for rakes and romances
But what does it matter what anyone said?
For each felt satisfied with their lot
Mary murmured, 'I know people say that I'm slow
And they think I'm a fool but I'm not.'

Flora her long round of pleasure still sought
And the moth neared the candle more oft than she thought
Soon the coquette and society belle
Had the men at her feet - they were under her spell
Mary encouraged no frivolous swain
And they called her old fashioned and homely and plain
But an old man told his love in delight
And he bought her fine gifts, which she kept out of sight.

Refrain: The world said Flora was wise
As she flirted with Tom, Dick and Harry
And the world said Mary was foolish
They predicted she never would marry
But what does it matter what anyone said?
Mary nabbed the old man like a shot
For she murmured, I hear he's ten thousand a year
People think I'm a fool but I'm not.

Mary is married, and now it is she
Who's the giddy coquette, always ripe for a spree
She's so unhappy when hubby's about
But she's got a nice boy, who of course takes her out
Flora is single, and passe at that
And they say some queer things of her Dover Street flat
She says she is tired of flirtatiuon and fun
But her sister's enjoyment has only begun.

Refrain: The world says Flora is wise
Tho' she's found out that pleasure's a bubble
And the world says Mary is foolish
For they vow she is looking for trouble
But what does it matter what anyone says?
Simple Mary knows just what is what
When she goes out at night hubby says, 'She's all right.'
'Cos he thinks she's a fool - but she's not!

Written and composed by Orlando Powell
Performed by Alice Lloyd (1873-1949)
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