Fellow working men, I've come to talk to you tonight
We want amunition if we're going to win the fight
So if you're too petrified to get inside a trench
Go into the Arsenal and when you're at the bench.

Refrain: Work boys work and be contented
Making amunition for the war
Help to make the shot and shell
Blow the Germans all to hell
Though you've never done a stroke of work before.

When you're in your overalls working as engineers
You can't get the 'glad eye' from the saucy little dears
But although you're pining for to cuddle something nice
Prove that you are virtuous by sticking to your vice.

Refrain: Work boys work and be contented
Don't knock off to go and chase the girls
Stick to work just like a leach
And you can have a harem each
When we beat the Turks and bust the Dardenelles.

Now some of you have worked as you have never worked before
Some of you have worked for a year or maybe more
Pining for your beano in the good old waggonette
But stick it lads and you shall have a beano don't forget

Refrain: Work boys work and be contented
Day and night and save up all your tin
For to strike it ain't no use
Help to 'cook the Kaiser's goose'
Then we'll let you have your beano in Berlin

Now don't forget to win the war that millions must be spent
Don't forget the war loan at four and half percent
Put your money in it lads, walk to save the fares
When the Kaiser's stoney broke, we'll all be millionaires

Refrain: Work boys work and be contented
Don't waste your money it's a crime
When you find you're out of debt and you've an empty bassinet
You can fill it up by working overtime.

I went out to Crosse and Blackwells late the other night
Saw the girls were a-making jam for those who have to fight
I said 'Ah now, now that's the stuff to fill a Tommy's tums.'
This is what I shouted as they pelted me with plums

Refrain: 'Work girls work and be contented
Making jam for those out at the war
Fill 'em up with raspberry
And when they come home you'll see
Why, they'll stick to you as they've never stuck before.
The original version was written and composed by Harry Clifton - 1867
Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
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