There's just now a botheration, agitation and vexation,
And rebellion in some minds appear to lurk;
For some men of mighty jaw want to make and pass a law,
Saying when and where a working man must work,
That scarcely troubles me for I but too plainly see,
Whilst my living on this earth I have to seek;
I must get up with the lark, I must peg away 'til dark,
And my 'grafting time' must be six days a week.

Chorus: All the week I keep on slaving, for the sabbath, how I'm craving,
For from my domicile I scarcely roam;
My children and my wife are the comfort of my life,
How I pray for my Sunday at home.

First at six on Sunday morn, when I'm sleeping, tired and worn,
There's a sly salvation sister brings a tract,
Cooly finds her way upstairs, wakes us up to say our prayers,
And kisses me who blushes at her act.
Hours later comes a man, shouting, 'Milko', rattling can,
Who rangles with my wife about his 'score',
Of sleep it's no good thinking so I'm out of bed like winking,
And to please the missus, start to scrub the floor.


Then a never paying lodger, who's an idle, loafing dodger,
Just arrives from having been locked up all night,
He insults my better half with his freedom and his chaff,
And I get my 'phizog' damaged in a fight.
Then to cause more tribulation, comes a distant, poor relation,
To cadge a 'crown; and wolf the Sunday's joint,
And suggests my eldest daughter has a dozen beaux to court her,
And with nasty sneers will argue out the point.


As it will not run to 'clubbing' once I tried a quiet pubbing,
The house was closed and I'd a wall to climb,
But two D's upon the spot, cooly summoned all the lot,
I lost a Monday's work to pay the fine.
I hope a promulgation may be sent around the nation,
Increasing labouring days by one, say I;
If the working man wants rest, he must give our Sundays best,
And wait 'til he can spend them in the sky.

Written and composed by Frank Egerton - 1892
Performed by Tom Costello (1863-1943)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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