(Musical Monologue)
Oi've got a sweet'eart now, oi 'ave
She be in luv wi oi
Thought oi should never 'ave the pluck
Oi be that mortal shoy
'Ay-makin' down at Varmer Giles
Oi comes alongside she
An' oi sez to 'er, oi sez, sez oi
'Wot's oop wi' you an' me?

Refrain: Oi sez, 'Meg, oi luv 'ee!'
She sez, 'Garge, oi luv 'ee too'
She sez, 'Wot vur do 'ee luv oi?'
Oi sez, 'Wot vur?... coz I do.'

Us walks vur moiles, an' moiles, an' moiles
She'll let oi take a 'buss'
Sometoimes she'll gi' oi one as well
But lard, she make a fuss
Us sits vur hours a 'oldin' 'ands
An' when 'er gives a soigh
Oi know it's tiome to talk, and so
Oi sez to 'er, sez oi,


Folks laugh at we, but us don't care
Sez oi 'Oi'll tell 'ee wot
'Us be in luv,' sez oi, us be
An' pities them that's not
Don't take no notice don't 'ee moind
Oi tells 'er on the sloy
We'll make un jealous.' Then oi sez
To 'er, oi sez, sez oi,

Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & Alfred H. West - 1905
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
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