Now I'm a funny sort of chap, I never like to be
Mixing up myself with other people's company
Whenever I'm a-walking out I like to be alone
I'm as happy as can be when I'm upon me own
No matter where I am. If I'm a thousand miles away
Someone's sure to come and slap me on the back and say.

Chorus: 'Wotcher my old Brown son, How are yer?
'Wotcher my old Brown son, how are yer?
If you've got the money and the time to spare
Come and have a 'tiddly' at the old Brown Bear
You look fine, put your hands in mine
Never mind if it weighs a ton
Why, don't you look a swell, you are a-looking well
Wotcher my old Brown son.'

Now the other afternoon as I was feeling rather blue
I went to Madame Tousauds 'cos I'd nothing else to do
Just to cheer me up I took the wife along with me
Went to do the chambers, the horrors for to see
I began to tremble when the missis ran away
As I looked at Charlie Peace I thought I heard him say.


I shan't forget when I got married. Talk about a fight
Me and my old woman just as happy as you like
We got to bed but hadn't been asleep by two before
There was someone down below a-knocking at the door
I looked out the window. I said, What's the matter, ay?'
The fellow said, 'There's nothing up, I've only called to say,

Written and composed by Collins & Sheherd - 1913
Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
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