You've heard of Gaby and her Gaby Glide.
She's been a riot here upon this side.
She's made a lot of money simply because
The Gaby Glide she dances.
My name is Wriggle, so a dance I've got.
It's called the "Wriggle," or the "Ragtime Trot."
So don't go – and I'll show you the Wriggley Rag.

Chorus: First give a glide, then a stride, then a slide on your side
As you twirl a bit;
Then make a slip with your hip, like the dip of a ship
As you curl a bit.
Say what you like of the Grizzly Bear.
This is the glide that is making them stare.
It's dandy! Come along! Shake it up, shake it up, shake it up, Gee!
Twirl round about, in and out like a trout with the gout.
Oh! it's marvelous.
Folks ev'rywhere with a stare will declare you're a bear
Or an octopus.
Smile at the stalls as you wobble a bit.
Roll both your eyes like a pig in a fit.
Shake like a snake till your ribs fairly ache.
That's the Wriggley Rag.

This song is not a song; it's just a dance.
Just keep on moving while you've got the chance.
This kind of shoulder work is fine exercise.
It's just a s good as Sandow.
You've got to do it when you rag the rag.
First you are on the "zig" and then on the "zag."
Say just stay – and you all can wriggle with me.

Written and composed by Worton David and George Arthurs – 1912
Performed by Wilkie Bard (1874 - 1944)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
Contributed by Jim Dixon - April 2014
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