I've just arrived from New York and I'm real glad that I came,
This city's out of sight! Yes sir! It's worthy of It's fame.
I've visited Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Rome,
But here I somehow kind of, sort of, feel that I'm at home.
America just owns the sun, you get it here in bits,
We loan it, we're not selfish, we have more than we require,
Besides our hearts are warm enough to generate a fire.
We're quicker on the other side, we can't afford to wait,
We always like to get in first, you bet, we're seldom late.
There is, I know, some difference in Transatlantic time,
That may not p'r'aps explain it but it helps me with a rhyme.
Your buses and your cabs strike us Americans as slow.,
Your theatres are Okay when New York supplies the show.
You can't say we're remis, no sir, we send you of the best,
Why, in your aristocracy we've been known to invest.
We've many points in common with our cousins over here,
We come of good old stock, our sires were men who knew no fear.
We may at times run England down, I'm sorry, but I know
That relatives will squabble. it's their priv'lege, that is so.
The only real difference so far as I can see,
Is the language that you speak, which is not pure enough for me.
You have a horrid accent, you should hustle round and git,
A genuine New Yorker just to tone it down bit.
Great country sir, America, my own, I'm proud to state
And Britain is it's momma, so Great Britain's vurry great!

Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & Fred H. West - 1900
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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