'Appy was we when we first got wed,'
Me an' Bill, all serene!
'Ardly an angry word we said,
Till them other folks come between.
'Is rich relations looked down on me,
To poison 'is mind did try;
They said I ain't good enuff for Bill,
Then I said, with a tearful eye,

Chorus: 'You ain't ashamed o' me, are you, Bill? You ain't ashamed o' me?
You didn't expect a lady,
Under e coster's 'cady?'
Tho' some o' your rich relations are as 'orty as can be;
Don't turn away, but kiss me, an' say that you ain't ashamed o' me!"

I ain't the sort to be put upon,
I tells 'em plump an' flat,
I married Bill and Bill's all mine,
They can never rob me o' that!
I says, 'If you are ashamed o' me,
It's better that we should part ;
Don't be afraid to speak out, old mate,
Tho' I know it will break my 'eart!


Bill, when 'e saw me burst into tears,
Put 'is arm round my waist;
Kissed me, jest like our courtin' days,
An', lor lumme! 'ow nice they taste!
'If my relations look down on you,
To-day I'll show them the door,
'Cos why! They ain't good enuff for you!
Then you never need sigh no more.'


Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & George Le Brunn
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
Performed by Rosie Lloyd (1879-1944)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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