You've heard the Deitcher singing to his Gretchen
He sings in language of the Zuider Zee
But my girl is a Russian with a name just like a sneeze
Which makes it very difficult for me
She's Russian and her name is Vodka Pop-off
In Russian I've to serenade this miss
And what with all the 'off-skis' and the 'on-skis' and the 'in-skis'
It sounds so silly when I sing like this.

Chorus: 'You are my girl-ski, my lovely pearl-ski
I will be true-i-koff
True blue-i-koff to you-i-koff
I've got this tin-ski, I mean to win-ski
Say you'll be mine-o-vitch
My little Vodka Pop-off.

The Northern lights are gleaming, Vodka darling
And although I'm far across the ocean blue
In fancy once again I see the polar bears at play
How strangely they remind me, dear, of you
I think about your face, I can't forget it
I've often heard of faces causing pain
But when I think of your face I thank heaven you're in Russia
And I'm in England singing this refrain.

Written and composed by George Arthurs & Worton David - 1910
Performed by George Arthurs (1875-1944)
Also performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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