I've journeyed from the country, but a terrible time I've had
It's the first time I've have been in a train
And it's made me feel oh so bad
They puched me ticket at Willesden, I'm sure I don't know why
They asked for my ticket at Waterloo, but I started this pitiful cry,

Chorus: 'Oh porter, do let me out of the station
I've had enough of your nasty cheek
And what with thejourney I'mfeeling weak
Let me go, it's causing me lots of pain
They punched me ticket at Willesden wicket
Do you want to punch it again?'

The porters gathered round me, I soon burst into tears
They said, 'Come on, let's have a look at your ticket.'
I couldn't believe my ears
The station master said, 'There there,
My dear, don't rave and shout.'
I turned to him trustingly, and then I found,
That he'd got his own clippers out,


The porters all flocked round me, and
I soon into tears I burst
Then I cried, 'Do let me go,' but they said
'You must give us your ticket first.'
I called the station master
Until I was nearly dead
Then all of a sudden he came to me
then, sobbing and sighing, I said


The station master said, 'My dear
Now what is it all about
I will hear your painful story, my girl
But you needn't to rave and shout.'
I said, 'Oh, let me out of this,
It will surely turn my brain
The ticket I had I have lost, and so
I can't let you punch it again.'


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Charles Collins - 1897
Performed by Miss Cissie Kent
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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