I've got a pal, we allays call 'im Ginger
Who some'ow got invited by a toff
To a dinner and a ball - so 'elp me, what next
Well, Ginger went - we went to see 'im orf
We rigged 'im at a tailor's dahn the Lane there
'E'd a pair o' shiny kickers on 'is feet
A winder in 'is eye, and uvver fakements
Oh, we turned 'im aht right up to dick a treat.

Chorus: Lor 'e looked a dook - quite a puffick dook
Where the drink and grub was 'andy 'e would roam
But the waiters rahnd 'im lingers,
'Cause 'e mustn't use 'is fingers
You could see as 'ow 'e didn't feel at 'ome.

As orkid as a fish wot's out o' water
While dancing wiv a lady, who could hop
'E pulled 'is coat and weskit orf to start wiv
Then orf 'e goes as tho' 'e'd never stop
But you could see as 'ow 'e wasn't feelin' easy
A shuffle-orf was more in Ginger's line
And to see 'im dance the Lancers, oh, my eyesight
It was just as good as any panty-mime.

Chorus: Lor 'e looked a dook - quite a puffick dook
As arahnd abaht the ladies 'e would roam
'E would wink at 'em and tease 'em
But because 'e mustn't squeeze 'em
You could see as 'ow 'e didn't feel at 'ome.

A bloke came rahnd wiv ices, pink and white 'uns
So Ginger took'd a pink 'un orf the tray
The josser went and blowed on it to cool it
The shut 'is eyes and drinked it right away
'E felt a sort of chill inside 'is weskit
'E 'ad to get a glass of whiskey 'ot
Sez 'e, 'I want no more o' them icebergs
P'r'aps they finks 'em werry choice, I calls 'em rot.'

Chorus: 'E'd a chilly look - quite a frosty look
Like a 'earwig' rahnd the ballroom 'e would roam
'E sed 'e felt right out of form
Becos them ices wasn't warm
You could see as 'ow 'e didn't feel at 'ome.

Poor Ginger now was gettin' quite disgusted
'Is talents didn't 'ave an arf a show
We said as 'ow 'e wouldn't get a look in
But 'e did as 'e was jest abaht to go
Two coves were fallin' aht abaht a lady
And one of 'em was on for striking blows
When Ginger peeled 'is coat and went and joined in
Oh, 'e nearly broke the 'invetator's' nose.

Chorus: And 'e'd a pair o' dooks - they were puffick dooks
For rahnd abaht that part'y 'boko' see 'em roam
'E was just abaht to 'ook it
When 'e saw 'is chance and took it
Lor, 'e'd only just begun to feel at 'ome.

Written and composed by H. B. Norris - 1895
Performed by Gus Elen (1862-1940)
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