Two jolly pals made up their minds a party to attend,
And in their own sweet little way a jolly time to spend.
Enjoy themselves they did for they were festive, gay and young,
And when the harmony commenced, this is the song they sung,

Chorus: You look after me, old boy, I'll look after you,
We'll stick together just as good old pals should do;
We'll keep it up 'til morning and drink 'til all is blue,
You look after me, old boy and I'll look after you.

Chock full of mirth and 'Special Scotch' about the hour of three,
Two merry-makers sallied forth as boozed as boozed could be;
They clutched a friendly lamp-post, kissed each other 'til they cried,
Then had a fight and in the mud, fell sprawling side by side, singing,


Just as the sun was shining through, two gentlrmen were seen,
With eyes banged up and hats bashed in, a policeman in between.
Before they hardly knew it, they were landed in a cell,
And when the jailer turned the key they both commenced to yell,


When up before the 'beak' they went, fined five-bob each were they,
The first one plonked his money down and quietly edged away;
But number two was stoney broke, stood looking mooney-eyed,
When asked what he had to say, he to the 'beak' replied,

Written and composed by T.W. Connor - 1893
Performed by Harry Freeman (1858-1922)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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