Last Summer I went with the pater and ma
To stay for a week by the sea
And one day she went in to just have a dip
On the beach leaving poor pa and me
But as there was gentlemen bathing as well
In the same place, you see, as Mamma
I turned round to Dad and said, 'I'm going in.'
He said, 'No you stay where you are.'

Chorus: 'You mustn't go there naughty boy, naughty boy, naughty boy
I'm surprised at you wanting to mix with the crowd
Where even your bold Papa isn't allowed
Come away, naughty boy, come away
Don't you know that it's wrong to annoy
When you see your Mamma busy washing herself
You mustn't go there naughty boy.'

Pa brought me a camera a short time ago
And one day a peculiar thing occurred - it was this
Now a young lady friend of my sister's was having a swing
In our garden when somehow she let go her hold
And went flying away through the air
I thought I'd snapshot her before she came down
My sister said, 'Well I declare,

Chorus: 'You mustn't do that naughty boy, naughty boy, naughty boy
It's impossible while she's up there in space
Turning somersaults for you to snapshot her face
The idea, naughty boy, the idea
The results she would far from enjoy
For she couldn't put that in her album, you know
You mustn't do that naughty boy.'
Written and composed by Bert Brantford & Harry Boden - 1908
Performed by Bert Brantford
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